Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pandora Crew

lead by the Master Pandora, the woes form a formidable crew.
30ss crew - Example 1
Master           Pandora
Minions         Teddy (9ss)
                       Kade (6ss)
                       3 sorrows (9)
                       Mercenary gunman (5+1)
Soul Stones Cache =  6.


Basic strategy is too use lure and Teddy to force the oppositions crew toward Pandora. Then let it rip with Self Loathing and dementia spells. Don't be afraid to use the sorrows and remember that the merc gunman's suppression is based on a WP duel, so keep close to pandora.
Latest Scrap was vs Mcmouring and his dogs.
Crew was 
Master       McMouring and totem
Minions     6 Canine remains
                   Punk Zombie
The scrap went the full 6 turns. Turns one and two involved Teddy trying to walk down the left side while Pandora, kade and the sorrows moved to a good position in the centre of the table. Meanwhile McMouring was gather body parts by wounding (and killing) his totem, The dogs split into packs of 2 and each went off in different directions. McMourning was struggling to summon a monstrous creature due to bad casting. Turn three threaten to be the turning point of the game. Mistakenly the punk zombie got too close and Kade lured him even closer. The vicious backstabbing attack from Kade finished off the punk Zombie. McMourning moved up and with some cunning scalpel slinging he moved up on Kade. The attack ended up being redirected to the sorrow who was in base contact with Kade. Pandora took control and tried to cast dementia on The nurse by the dreaded black joker was turned over. Turn 4, Kade pushed away from McMorning to trying and bring an end the nurse. It would have worked apart from the lucky 10 of crows that the nursed flipped. McMouring faltered and was force to fall back as Pandora who cast self loathing triggered a fall back. This effectively ended the game but 2 dogs managed to stake a claim and McMouring won 2 vps, to 1.

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