Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marcus vs Nicodem

At the regular gaming event at the Battle Bunker on Sunday, I had a 25SS game using Marcus vs Mikes Nicodem.

I Had Marcus, Razorspine Rattle, Sabertooth Cerberus and a Waldgeist, plus a few SS in my cache. Mike had Nico, The Hanged, Mortimer and 2 Punk Zombies (everyone seems to use the PZ's they must be good!). I got a red joker on my strategy flip and pick assassin and a Mike got treasure hunt. Corner deployment (using new rules) and we were off. 

Turn one: I decided early on to be aggressive and to see what the big cat could do. The cat leaped over some terrain and then charged a punk zombie. One corpse counter was produced but as I discovered it was way to close to nico. Mike reanimated a PZ off the corpse counter and took some wounds off the cat. Oh well , playing aggressively is just what I do. Marcus moved up like a hare and then waited. Nico positioned his crew for turn 2.

Turn Two: The cat was way too exposed with no backup close enough. He died in a big heap and left 3 corpse counter that were subsequently used to summon some Zombies. Don't you just love the zombie fodder ;-) The Zombies proved to be a good shield for Nico and blocked any charges that the Razorspine was going to try. The Razorspine charged the hanged and then pushed away to charged Mortimer. A Melee just off the centre of the board (away from the Mikes aim, the treasure counter) ensued and blows were traded. Marcus was close enough and up took control of a PZ using Feral, stare down and Alpha. The new beast PZ attacked the other PZ and Nico moved around the flank protected by his Zombie Fodder.

Turn Three: Marcus charged a PZ and couldn't quite finish him off. They have high defense!. Nico was still hiding from the Razorspine but the hanged moved towards the counter. Still had a confused melee that stopped a lot of movement. Marcus withstood a flurry of attacks from the PZ. 

Turn Four: Marcus couldn't really do too much (with poor cards) and not much support from anything. The waldgeist didn't really work (next time I'll try another snake). Mortimer and Nico couldn't get close enough to the treasure counter.  The game ended early (as I had to go). 

Overall, lots of fun, I quite like Marcus and Nico is always fun to play. Thanks Mike 

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