Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marcus vs Som'er Teeth Jones and Ophelia Laxroix

Marcus had Myranda, a Razorspine Rattler, a Sabertooth Cerberus and Misaki with 4 SS Cache. Som'er had Ophelia, Francois, Rami, Rephael and a couple of bayou gremlin. We were playing a shared "deliver a message" (more on that later) with 12" corner deployment. Even though we were using book two rules, we essentially had pre picked these crews. I have almost all of the Arcanist and Outcast mercenaries to choose from so pre picking provide more balance to the games otherwise I can pick exactly what I needed to win, which isn't what these games are about. Imagine Hamelin turning up (can't be targeted by height 1 models) , he would completely dominate the game.

Turn 1: Som'er got a gremlin to get y'er Bro and then did it again. The other gremlin position a gunline ! arond some terrain waiting for Marcus to come closer. I moved my crew in and the Cerberus had cover to stalk a little closer. I had some good cards but still too much distance this turn.

Turn 2: Marcus moved closer and position his crew behind cover but attempting to move to one flank. Som'er gave his gremlins a swig and Ophelia moved out protected by her Kin. Back to the strategy, I didnt read the shared version and we both thought it was a 2" deliver a message to get 4 VP's if delivered before turn 5. In fact it was the first person to deliver the message got 3 VPs. Bugger, I could have Alpha'ed Ophelia on the next turn, moved her 12 + another 6 and then got one of my crew to deliver the message. The reason I didn't is because I thought she could have delivered it right back to me next turn and hence we would have had 4 VPS's each. That will teach me to read the rules better next time!!! So the Sabertooth tried to leap within 2 inches of Ophelia to deliver the message (cost 2) but I was about 1/2 an inch short. Bugger. The leap is very good as if leaves your general AP;s for other stuff. Oh well time to let out a Roar. That worked a treat and all of the Gremlins had to try and resist, 3 did but the other ran for the hills, Somer was on the board edge and looking for a swig I think.

Turn 3: .....

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