Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arcanist - Show girls

The MS&U has been recruiting and Ms Du Bois and her crew are the latest applicants.

Nice models to paint, not much fun sticking on arms for coryaphee or mannequins but thats life.

I have been reading rules for the Show girls (and re reading) , they have some nice game abilities that I'm looking forward to using. For Colette, the Artificial SS and soulstone infusion appear to be very good. I'm not sure about the Magicians duel due to its short range but combined with a blinding flash it may work! I do like the Coryaphee Duet , but for a whopping 14SS they should be good. I'm pleased to see that the sword strike has been clarified. I still think they need something else but the Arcanist have a good selection an of course there always plenty of mercs for hire

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