Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hollow Marsh Gala update 3

Hey ,

I am looking for another player!

The HMG 2010 one day mini tournament is really just a good excuse to have 3 games in one day, learn how to play against 3 different crews and have some fun. This is not a full on serious tournament ( I have been to lots of these!) so please if you are interested please let me or James at Aargon Hobbies know.

You just need a 30ss crew (remember you can have upto a 8 SS cache so you just need 22SS of actual models) and have played maybe a couple of games or at least read the rules :-)

This is the first Malifaux tournament in NZ (that I am aware of) so come and be part of this historic occasion this Sunday 28th November at 9:30.


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