Saturday, December 4, 2010

Outcast - The hidden menace part2

I used the Outcast at the annual HMG2010. My 30 SS crews were

Levi, Rusty, Killjoy, Hooded rider and a necropunk.
Fist mistake was not to have any SS, I could have sacrificed Levi instead of using the necropunk and gained 3 SS. Second mistake was being unaware that you could target your own models. This would have helped my cycle levi a bit more and keep the cards coming. I had very average hands even with Rusty's ability to draw 2 cards before reducing to max card size. I think Rusty's  ability to cast bag of tricks almost at will with the effect of boobytraps would have helped me kill off Levi. Third mistake was not to activate killjoy at the start of the activation phase (not his activation phase) and charge the closest model which would have been my opponents show girls. I new this rule but was distracted with something else and I 'forgot'. Overall a poor game from my part but I did transform a mannequin into a SPA. I do like levi and I will most certainly be using him again, soon.

Victoria, student of conflict, 2 Ronin, Merc gunman and Hans and some SS.
Victoria's ability sisters in spirit is very good. You can move up with one victoria and then switch places and get the paired Masamune to trigger whirlwind. I view them as 14 wounds but its important to have some SS to help bolster any CC. The ronin (much documented) ability to run through is fantastic and they are definitely the stars of the show. The merc gunman can help suppress and force your opponent to shed his control hand very quickly. Then when its depleted line up a target in Hans sights and go for the head shot. Good thing about this is even with a negative flip on damage it can still be deadly. Use the SOC fast ability to give Hans another shot and its win, win.

I have ordered the new outcasts and think they will add some new strategic options which I am looking forward to using. I like the fluff and I've almost got a terrain table planned out for Von Schill.

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