Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dystopian Wars

I have become interested in Spartan Games Dystopian Wars. Its steampunk and it has little boats that are very cool. I have brought some KoB without knowing the rules apart from what I have read on the net. The rules look very simple cf to what I am used to playing so it should be easy to have a game without having to invest too much time. The models are very nice even though they have obviously been CAD designed.

The idea is to broaden my game playing tactics and strategies by using a different gaming system. I probably will only play the naval combat rules? as its the boats that i'm hooked on.  I'm not really looking forward to rolling the D6 again but it looks like I have no choice. On the plus side I get to paint some little boats and make some different terrain. So its all good :-)

My boats are ...

Overall impressions are very nice models, well molded and easy to paint due to the extreme detail. I

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