Thursday, February 3, 2011

Avenger Fleet Carrier

Thought I'd post a quick shot of my new KoB Avenger. Still need to finish but it looks ok. Its a shame that the didn't make a different model rather than sticking a flight deck onto two battleships.

I'll take some more once its finished.

You can also see my fully shielded "Ruler" Battleship. I think the possibility of theoretically  saving 2 hits , effectively giving the "Ruler" a DR of 8 and a CR of 12 is worth it. I see the strength of the "Ruler" being its torpedos and trying to keep in range band 3. If you can get a target in channel and use 2 turret attacks and your torps you could get 10 + 6 AD on a target. Thats seems pretty good. I'm not sure if you can link these attacks yet, I'm still reading the rules. Also re damaging the "Ruler" you would have to roll (Hmmm I have not done the maths on this ..yet) but at least 24 assuming you rolled no sixes!

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