Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dystopian Wars Scenario

I've been thinking about missions etc and I have tried to adapt a confrontation mission , the 3 bridges, cant remember who originally posted it, but thanks. I'm not sure it it will work or even be fun!, but at least I can give it a try and see. Map wasnt showing, fixed.

The Straits of Kaipora
The situation is dire, we need to control the straights to keep our base and port secure. 

The Kaipora straits lie between the two islands , each strait is 8x6 inches as shown in diagram. These are the area that need to be controlled at the end of game. The distance between the deployment area and the right most strait is 32”. This allows both side to easily reach the right most strait. 
Turns: 6

Army Points: 600
Objective: Control more straits than your opponent
Secondary objective: Be the first naval model to enter the middle strait, gain 1 objective point that can be used to help control any one of the straits.
Control: To control a strait you must have more objective points in the area compared to your opponent at the end of the game. Each naval model has a rating. To get the objective points the naval model must be within the area (at least 1/2 inches of the model). Naval models cannot be derelict and must be controlled to claim points
Objective points:    Capital Class large = 4,Capital Class medium = 2 and Small = 1
Deployment: Corner defined by 24” on long side by 18” on short side

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