Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dystopian Wars Scenario - Black Hawk Down

I have not tested this yet , but I think it will work. Based on old 40K mission.

Black Hawk Down
A Hawk Class Scout Rotor has gone down. Recover the black box and secure the area.

Hawk has the following reduced stats due to crashing.
HP = 3, Dr = 3, Cr = 5 , AA = 3 and AP = 3.
Deployment: Long board edge. A distance of RB4 needs to be maintained. 
Turns: 6
Turn 1: Fog limits LOS to RB2.
The Hawk will enter and crash using the following rules.
Turn 3: Enter on a 3+ on a 1D6
Turn 4: Enter on a 2+ on a 1D6
Turn 5: Enters this turn.
When the Hawk enters, it travels down the centre line a distance of 6” + 10D6”. If the roll was odd the Hawk enters on RHS otherwise enters on the LHS. If the Hawk collides with anything use the ram rules but with a HP = 5.
Objective: Recover the black box by boarding the crashed Hawk. You must use a minimum of 2 AP but due to a raging fire you can only recover 1/2 of boarding team. Raging fire is put out by first successful boarding attempt.
Secondary objective: Ensure no one else boards the hawk , lets keep it a secret that the black box has been recovered. Options are to sink Hawk or maintain some AP on board the Hawk.
AP: 750

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