Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Southcon 2011 1 day tournament - Update 1

Players pack should be available on the OMTS web site soon. Enter via OMTS, you can always email me with any questions or queries.

I have copied some of the key details from the Players Pack below

Crew Construction

Limited Faction Pool [Requires Single Faction]
At the start of the Tournament, the player will sign up with a specific faction and provides a list of models that are worth up to 50 SS. Masters do not have to be present in the Crew, but Totems and Henchmen do if they are to be hired over the course of the tournament.

At the start of each round, the players will use that model list to hire their Crew for the Encounter. 
for example
Arcanists Crew - 50  SS

Marcus Master 
Jackalope 1
Essence of power 2
Hoarcat Pride    5
Ice Gamin         4
Ice Golem         9
Joss                 9
Moleman           3
Razorspine Rattler 7
Sabertooth Ceberus 8  Notes: Adds to 48

          Notes: I have only listed 1 Ice Gamin but I could bring 3 and I could choose 3 for my list.

If you added another master you could have a list like

Arcanists Crew - 50 - SS

Rasputina Master
Marcus Master 
Wendingo 2
Jackalope 1
December Acol  6
Silent One 6
Hoarcat Pride 5
Ice Gamin 4
Ice Golem 9
Joss 9
Myranda 7  Notes : Adds to 49

Notes: Adds to 49SS and was choosen so I could play 2 masters but harder to make a ‘good’ list.

Painting Rules
The player is required to have fully-painted and based models without any visible bare metal or primer. The paint job should look like the painter made an effort to stay within the lines and enhance the appearance of the model with their painting. Bases should not be bare. 

The players pack has complete details.

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