Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kirai vs Von Schill Malifaux battle report

Todays scrap was between 2 quite different crews. Kirai is all about the summoning and Von Schill is a general list with good combat and ranged skills. This was going to be interesting to see what happens.

Kirai had her totem, 5 seishin, a gaki and Jack Daw. Von Schill had a specialist, a trapper, a librarian and 2 freikorps troopers. The strategy was a shared destroy evidence a with 2 schemes chosen at random and 6" standard deployment. I got grudge which I did on a seishin and kill protégée which happened to be Jack Daw, no chance of that happening. My opponent got an eye for an eye and breakthrough. We had a timer set and the aim was to get 6 turns done in 2 hours. Wyrd recommend 70 minutes I think?

I was forced to deploy first and I split the 2 trooper off to the right and everyone else on the left just below my triangular objectives. My opponent mirrored my deployment  but put Kirai behind a wall and jack was off to my right.

The objectives were Von schill triangles and Kirai circles. Neutral objective in the middle is the flag


close up of trouble...I mean the models.

Some more pictures.... Sorry no narration ;-(

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