Monday, June 27, 2011

New Malifaux Recruits

My Neverborn crews are getting bigger and bigger. Zoraida cant wait to summon some wicked dolls and her henchman Collodi has his hands full as well.

I have mounted the 3 wicked dolls on forest bases and Collodi and his 4 puppets on wooden strip bases. My initial thoughts were that the puppets were poor models but I have decided that I quite like them. Very wooded poses and I think they will paint up perfectly.

You might have also noticed a nurse, yes I got a free nurse as well :-) Thanks wyrd

Next addition is a male and female desperate mercs for Hamelins crew and anyone else who wants to hire them. Nice models and
should paint up very nicely.

I'd better get these painted as I am expecting some guild guard for my Lucius list and of a big order of Eden models which I think will be fantastic.

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