Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outcast vs Guild - Battle report

The outcast crew was comprised of Victoria*2, Von Schill, A specialist and 2 trappers played against Hoffman and his totem, a watcher, guardian, hunter and peacekeeper. The mission was a line in the sand and I was the attacker.  I had a scheme of assasinate and hold out while hoffman had an eye for an eye and breakthrough.



I split my trappers to both corners of the board and everything else went in the middle. The Hoff put his hunter of to the left and everything else in the middle

Turn 1: Hoffman can move very quickly, he is like a magnet and get draw to metal of the construct. The rule that really gets the eye rolling is Maintain machines so the PK cannot suffer from fault wiring etc. Also the machine puppet seems all too easy to do. At least with Victoria*2 there are no complicated rules. The victorias moved forward toward the objectives. Von schill and specialist didn't have to move very far as the Hoff and the PK moved forward using override edict. I should have read the rules as Hoff moved the peacekeeper using override edict (the PK can ignore immune to influence!) and then reactivated later in turn... I thought it seemed a bit good. He moved into a central position. Specialist was close enough to flame using a concentrated burn to put a few wounds on PK.

Turn 2: Initiative to Hoff and the PK shot the specialist and dragged him in. Bugger, as he was then completely munched. In hindsight It was probably ok as the specialist had seriously wounded the PK which would prove fatal next turn. The vickys switched and managed to activate a marker.

Turn 3: The trapper was in melee with the PK and managed to avoid any damage, It then killed the PK and then shot the Hoff to bits. Von Schill finished the Hoff off and the game was conceded. The weakness of the Hoff list was the reliance on the PK. If he dies it is all over. The PK is tough but can be taken down with the correct weapons and some luck quite quickly.

End - Hoffman conceded,  I took full points Hoffman got zero

In conclusion;

I was comparing the Hoff to Ramos and the Hoff has 8 abilities to Ramos 3; 5 actions to 3; 1 trigger to 2 and 3 spells to 5. Hoffs weapon is better and ignores armor but other stats are about equal. Overall I think Hoff is better than Ramos and its a shame as Ramos just seems to have been short changed. Even with a mobile toolkit to help with summoning he is one of the weaker masters and really needs lots of scrap.

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