Sunday, October 9, 2011

uncharted Seas - Game on

The Ralgard took on the Orks in a free for all . Lot of dice rolling to be had and lots of  ramming.

Fun game to play and visually very nice. The boats look very nice and even though the terrain needs some work I can see this being played again. Here is  a shot when I (Ralgard) tried a suicidal run through the ork fleet. I almost made it but got rammed by the Battleship. Ramming hurts in US, as you can't disengage and the Orks used there superior numbers to capture the cruiser.

My Battleship is out of the shot but when I brought my guns to bear she performed well. I think the ork player had an advantage as he had two large ships which was the difference between the 2 fleets. We also forgot the effect of the wind, which is quite important, as it really slows down the ships.

Lots of fun and I think the best of the Spartan games as the rules are not bogged down with lots of fluff.

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