Thursday, October 6, 2011

Uncharted Seas - Game this weekend

Well I'm going to have a game of US this weekend. I better try and get some terrain ready and brush up on the rules. Its appropriate timing with the new release of US by Spartan games. The new models look sweet and I'm almost tempted to get some imperial ships.

I like the steam punk look to these models and they have done some good work on remodeling the sails. Anyway here is the Imperial Human Condor Class Flagship.

Check out the Spartan US web page for all the good oil. 

I have a Ralgard fleet and like the look of the new Tervak'Nar. What a beast of a model, it will be huge. I also like the look of the rather large ram on the front! Apparently you can land a balloon on the middle cabin! Cool. I better get painting and make sure my Ralgard are ship shape and bristol fashion!

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