Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dark Age Apocalypse

I have read some more Dark Age Apocalypse (DAA). The chapter on ranged assaults had some nice ideas, namely "firing into close assault". In some game system it is just not allowed. DAA allows it but its harder than normal target number (TN) -2. For each  additional unit its another -2. Example in book had a TN of -6. Not an easy shot! The spray and stream range template attacks are cool, spray being the traditional shape and stream being a long almost rectangular shape. For height you just rotate the template 90 degrees. Another very logical rule and easy to remember.

Morale seems to be easy to remember as well. Any models activating within 8" of a fear causing model get a fear counter if they have lower Psyche. Now the fun begins with the activated unit at -2 TN(excluding AR saves). You can try and remove fear counter so all is not lost. Panic can only happen once squad is below 1/2 size and you only test once per game! Good stuff DA as once you have "manned up" you're in for the rest of the battle!

This guy a "Hoodoo" has the "cause fear" rule. His weapon is a "Terror blade" and his PV is 60.

Casting seems pretty straight forward with same procedure for TN and rolling.

Terrain rules look good as you can target and destroy terrain in the way. How often have you been caught somewhere or had your opponent hide out of reach behind a flimsy wooden wall!

My only issue is that the character cards you can download do not explain the special rules. The rules are in the DAA forclist book but I don't have this yet and I want to get some models......

Overall, DAA looks very,very good. Proof will be in having a game but I think it will be lots of fun. Only problem is that I love playing Taban's Eden and also Wryds Malifaux. They are all different system though and DAA allows more models to be fielded due to the squad idea. At least I can use the same terrain but then again its a good excuse to make some more.

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