Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eden - Battle report

I had 2 games last night on my new board. It added atmosphere to the encounter and was lots of fun to use.

Game one was: Bamaka Clan with Bak and Dacke, Ngozi and Sabaka  vs ISC with the Grey Daimyo, Yellow Komuso and the Blue Ashigaru.

The Bamakas  revealed mission (We use Random mission) was Land Protection and the ISC had a secret mission Priority Target.

The "Brotherly Protection" ability of Dacke (essentially Bak and Dacke switch places) saved Bak and put him into a position where he could help claim VPS but also be protected hiding behind the ruined trucks trailer. Sabaka waded into the fray and after dealing to Komuso he then decided to pick on the Blue Ashigaru. Meanwhile Ngozi used his "hunting shadow" ability to get a free move out of combat and combat the Drone controller. Ended up 75 vps to 10. Another Victory for the mighty Bamaka. BTW I use a dice to record the number of AP each model has, you can see in picture that Dacke has 3 AP left.

Game two was: Convoy with Gretchen and Louie, Mark, Leo and Luther vs ISC with the Carmin Ronin, Black Kunoichi and a Green Mamushi.

The Convoy got a random mission of "Infiltration" and ISC had a secret mission  of "The Four Winds".

The ISC player used the "Lure" card to "remove a fighter from the battleground and deploy him again according to the terms of your mission and his possible special abilities". After typing this in, It appears that my canny opponent used this card in a very creative way. It actually says "your mission" so I think he has to place my model (Mark in this case) in his deployment zone. This would have made a difference I think. The problem we sometimes have is the translation does not always make complete sense and we have to try and interpret correctly.

The crux of the game was when Louie and Luther took out the Mamushi , with a very lucky location roll, on turn 5. Another Victory to the trackers of the Convoy.

Overall a fun night (for me ;-) anyway) and another good test of a very good game.

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