Saturday, November 26, 2011

Malifaux - Holiday models ordered

I've put my order in for some Malifaux models for the holidays, I need something to do when its raining, blowing a SouWest gale (like it is a the moment) or just not nice.

First up to give some punch to my Arcanist I have ordered Kaeris and some Fire Gamin. I didn't do the box set as I don't really want the gunsmiths. Its been a long wait for the Arcanist henchman (women) but she looks like a very nice model. I have some 50mm bases to make some flames walls, I just need to work out how to do it.

Henchman 5, Special Forces(M&SU Asset) for 8SS. The ca of 8Tombes (T) and 9 wounds along with flight and casting expert should provide some punch! Her weapon is Ignite range 10, 6TT and 1/2/3blast. Might not seem very good but she can trigger 'turn it up' and target another model at a -1T.

The Fire Gamin are Construct and cost 4SS. Pretty fragile but the armor +1 might help. Nice range attack called 'spit magma' that is range 8 , 4T and 2/2blast/3blast plus burning token. Models with burning tokens can be have 'Accelerant' cast on them by Kaeris and they suffer Dg of 1/2/4 or chose to be paralyzed. Or they can have 'immolate' cast on them and suffer Dg 3/5/6. Yikes. 

Next on the list was some raptors for Marcus. Not sure if I like the 'stands' but a pair of clippers will fix that. I probably mount on some trees or lampposts?  Raptors are beasts and have flight of 8/10 and a cool trigger where you can rearrange the top 3 cards from targets discard pile on top of their fate deck in any order. Don't flip the black joker if these guys haven't activated or your in trouble.

I got one more model ordered but I'll wait until it turns up before announcing it. I do like the soulstone miner and the large steampunk arachnid ;-) which are both on 40mm bases.

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