Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark Age Apocalypse - Brute

I gave my new Outcast "brute" and quick paint and wash. Its a nice looking model and I think the DA have done a great job with the theme (if thats the right word) of the models. He has been mounted on a 40mm base to get an idea of scale of the "brute".

He's one tough model game wise with the stats card showing great armor (AR) and the special ability of Tough as Nails. Stat line is Action Points, DeFense, ARmor, MoVement, PSyche, Health Points and Point Value. Then Special abilities and then Attack Groups #1,#2 etc. You can choose a different AG for 1 AP each turn. Blok stopper means its has partial cover due to its Uber block and Tough as nails means it ignores critical armor saves failures (a roll of 20), You use D20 for all rolls. Brutal on the AG #1 is that the weapon cannot be parried and ED(2) stands for Extreme Damage and it attack is successful then you lose 2 HP's instead of one. Thats what I mean by he is one tough model. If he hits your dead!

The L = large , on a 40MM base, then its squad size of 1-4 and then * relates to a special rule. In this case its "one brute squad per "wasteland warrior" squad. This information is in the DA Apocalypse Forcelist book. The cards are free to download from DA's web site

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