Sunday, December 4, 2011

Malifaux - Experimental game using a chess clock


I had a game against my mate today using a chess clock I downloaded onto my iPad. I allocated 60mins for 6 turns, thats 10mins a turn. We both agreed that would be ok and we started. Note: We would stop the clock for bits that we both did at the same time such as start of turn initiative, end of turn card draw and if we had to consult the rules.

Mission was a corner deployment Turf War. Factions were the Outcast with Von Schill vs the Ressie Kirai.

I took Outcasts (text is from Malifaux's crew creator)

Von Schill -- 2 SS Pool

Freikorpmann [4ss]
Freikorps Librarian [7ss]
Freikorps Specialist [5ss]
Freikorps Trapper [6ss]
Freikorps Trapper [6ss]
Freikorpmann [4ss]

and my Mate had a Ressurectionists Crew

Kirai Ankoku -- 6 SS Pool
Lost Love [2ss]
Datsue-Ba [7ss]
The Hanged [8ss]
Seishin [2ss] * 5 = [10ss]

I don't want to talk about the game as such but more the effect of the clock, the added time pressure.

Initially it was going ok, I noticed the Ressie player was taking quite a bit of time casting spells. I burnt through some time doing when I got stuck in a combat with the Sikome. It got to turn 5 and the Ressie player had only 3 mins left , I had about 12, to complete the last 2 turns. YIKES.

We finished when the the Ressie player used all his time. I had 10:52 left.

We had decided that the if you run out of time you lose. I played my last few activations based on the Ressie player having to finish and charged in Von Schill to try and get an unlikely scheme that would have given my 2 VP's and maybe 1 more for stake a claim. It didn't pay off but I was conscious of the time running out , when my mate lost track of it during a long master activation.

Options for next game

  • If you run out of time you lose (current condition)
  • If you run out of time, then the game finishes and a bonus 2 VP's going to person with time remaining. Calculate VPS using models current position.
  • If you run out of time, finish the end of the turn and a bonus 2 VP,s going to person with time remaining. This rewards the player who used his time effectively but allows the game to come to a more satisfying conclusion. Calculate VPS and end of turn.
  • Allocate 10 minutes per turn, a player finishes his turn with time expires as if he had activated all of his models. The other player can activate his models as if the other player had no activations left. This method guarantees the game will go for 6 turns. 

Add more time , maybe 25SS = 60 minutes each, 30SS = 70mins etc although I think it depends on the Master chosen. You can still run out of time so need to use one of the above rules.

Commenting on the game, a better list would have been (easy after the game ;-). Victoria with her magical weapons would have be great vs the spirits, while Von Schill and his team would have provided support and claimed objectives. I don't think Von Schill is very effective by himself but it appears he would perform the henchman role adequately. I might have to test this soon...

Outcasts Crew - 30 - Scrap

Viktoria --2 SS Pool 

Von Schill [9ss]

Freikorpmann [4ss]
Freikorpmann [4ss]
Freikorps Trapper [6ss]
Freikorps Specialist [5ss]

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