Monday, December 5, 2011

Painting - Using quickshade dipping mix

I got a pamphlet the other day from the guys at Army Painter about using the quickshade mix. I have used this before to paint a 130 Orks and grot army but I had forgotten I had some left. It was the Dark Tone can that I hadn't used so I had a few models that i had base coated but not finished so I though I would quick tone them.

Basically you just dunk the model in down to the base (upside down) , pull it out and flick it a round to get rid of the excess quick shade mix. Leave to dry and the spray with a matt varnish to get rid of the gloss.

Here are the models just after dipping and flicking,,, A rat catcher, 2 desperate mercs and a madness.

They are still 'tacky' and when completely dry it does look better. Its a very effective way of quickly finishing models but I would test it on one before going mad. It shades but sometimes it does look a bit 'heavy' compared to normal washes etc. Remember its is "quick shade" to get quick results.

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