Monday, February 6, 2012

Dark Age Apocalypse - Brood

I initially didn't like the Brood models but I must admit that I have changed my mind. They are very nice, quite different to other "alien" type models and have a certain flavor to them that it , hard to put into words.

I went for a grey undercoat , inked purple to get the skin tone and then used natural tones  to finish. ( I have just noticed a brush hair, from my new brush. I need to change brush brands but I think it may just a be a bad one!)

Murtros, at 110 points with 4 HP he has to be one mean MF on the battlefield. He also causes fear and has 1 bio gen slot which I am thinking of filling it with "toxic vapor" ( See DA for stats, rules and downloads) .

A new special ability for the Brood is Regeneration, Murtros has regeneration(1). ..

The Regeneration ability allows Units to rapidly heal fatal wounds. During every Lingering Effect phase, a Unit with Regeneration will automatically attempt to heal if it has a Wound counter(s). The numbers in parentheses after Regeneration indicates how many D20 are used for the test. Each roll equal to or less than 10 recovers 1 HP. Units with this ability are not Removed from Play immediately upon Dying. Instead, Dying Units with Regenerate receive a Dying counter and remain on the Battlefield until: they next activate, take twice their original HP in Damage, or if the Unit is unable to Regenerate to at least 1 HP during the Lingering Effects. If that is not possible (i.e., the Unit has Regeneration (1), and is at -2 HP), the Unit is immediately removed as a casualty during Lingering Effects.
NOTE: Cauterized wounds cannot be regenerated. A Dying Unit that successfully Regenerates is still considered Prone. A Unit may not regenerate above its starting HP.
Helexa has Regeneration (2). During Lingering Effects, if she has two Wound counters. She rolls two D20’s for her Regeneration roll and gets a 3 and a 12. She removes 1 Wound counter. If Helexa had not removed 1 Wound counter, she would be immediately removed as a casualty. 

The Grists are like a body guard for Murtros. They are similar in size and carry a range weapon called a Bio-Repulsor. Its has stats AS 6 RF 1 PW 3*3 RN 12 with a BL(1) , indirect and KP(12).

I didn't know what a KP even was when I brought the models so ...

A Knock Prone (KP) weapon is capable of knocking the opponent to the ground. The Ability is followed by a number in parentheses. This number is the TN needed to successfully KP the target. A KP roll is made for every successful hit regardless of damage (If an opponent has any Abilities that may reverse the successful hit they may make that attempt before the KP roll). If the attacking player rolls equal to or under the TN, the target Unit has been Knocked Prone, and the Unit is marked as Prone. For every size larger the attacking Unit is than the target Unit add 2 to the KP target number. For every size smaller the attacking Unit is than the target Unit subtract 2 from the KP target number. NOTE: A 20 always fails and a 1 always succeeds, no matter what size the Units are. RA Weapons with KP work exactly like CA weapons with KP

 Brood hounds can infiltrate,vault and latch on plus more. I don't think the models are the greatest and it would be good if you could get some other variations. I might have to get the Dremmel out and do some conversion so I can have 4 with different poses. Here they are next to the Howler.

The Howler is a full resin model and I am thankful for that as it would be very heavy is it was metal. Its a bit hard to see if photo but I have tried to blend from light to dark on the top (lighting a bit bright) . A very nice model and stats wise its a beaut. 185 points for 5 HP with regeneration(2) and 3 different attack groups. I especially like the Tail sweep with PW 8*2 and its a Arc Attack.

My next purchase will be some Plights but the models are not available at the moment. 

Model Sizes

 Here is a shot of my models to try and get a reference for height. I will try and measure as well ASAP

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