Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eden - Faction list with model value and summary

I found this on Tabans Forum, its a very handy table. Please see forum for list but I copied here as well as I couldn't work put how to link to it. I have NOT listed the last faction the Matriarchy cos I don't have it.

(Color code : Grey = Support/Leader ; Yellow = Hindrance/Leader ; Blue = Rock-solid ;
Carmin = Fighter ; Black = Assassin ; Green = Scout)
40 Carmin Hadakauma, great fighter, high movement.
40 Grey Shogun, part support, part fighter, good leader.
40 Blue Kami, extremely hard to kill and able to break through scenery.
35 Grey Daymio, good support which can give one AP to other drones
35 Grey Kitsune, good fighter with great Tactical cards-related abilities
35 Yellow Komuso, able to put Fear markers and make fighters around it lose AP. + Retreat TC
35 Carmin Ronin, great fighter.
30 Black Kunoichi, shooter with highest SPD and great move potential.
30 Green Mamushi, sneak behind enemy lines and strangle them. + Intimidation TC
30 Carmin Samurai, good fighter with various abilities
30 Serial Shenron, weak at the beginning, but can enhance his stat during game. Multipurpose.
30 Blue Rikishi, hard to kill and able to push back fighters.
25 Black Ubume, low PSI killer and high SPD
25 Green Konchu, can block fighters very efficiently
25 Blue Ashigaru, makes dodging easier to allied drones and itself.
10 Yellow Gaki, can lower PSI stat (good with Ubume and/or Komuso)
and prevent multiple actions. + Excavations MC (ISC only)
10 Green Tonbo, hard to catch and great move potential, but cannot do Missions.

35 Vladd, toughest fighter
25 Yuri, great shooter and leader
25 Grigory, hard to kill, great abilities
25 Yorg, hard to kill and great fighter
25 Kirril, best leader, great abilities but weak.
20 Vassiliev, good leader, great move potential. + Main target TC
20 Bogdana, multipurpose shooter. + Territory MC (Jokers only)
20 Ievgeni, gets tougher when hurt.
20 Olya, weakens fighters around, good with Ievgeni.
20 Nicolaï, great shooter with explosive rounds.
20 Mikaïl, multipurpose, can copy abilities.
15 Mishka, hard to kill. Minion. + DGIN gun turrets MC
15 Grusha + 5 Fifi (cannot play Fifi without Grusha), good support for minions.
15 Irina, good shooter, great with Kirril.
15 Sergueï, support and Burn markers.
10 Anton, fighter.
10 Elenia, shooter.
10 Stipan, make the opponent reroll, great !

50 Sabaka, 50 points, do I need to explain :-)
30 Ngwane, great fighter, highest CBT stat.
30 Tarar, good fighter with great abilities
30 Sekongo, great support and leader but weak.
25 Sigujana, great support but weak.
25 Ngobo, can appear in the opponent's back and assassinate the right guy.
25 Ngosi, great move potential, high SPD, great harrier (not sure if the word is right).
25 Ekevu, multipurpose.
25 Tukwila, good fighter. + Ancient artifacts MC
20 Gwala & Amagudu, great leader with good abilities.
20 Dhambizao, good support.
20 Abama, very hard to kill.
20 Jumamosi, lowers the opponents stats, makes poison hurt more, etc.
20 Mbonga, good shooter who can also appear in the back.
15 Zaafarani, healer.
15 Jendayi, fighter, hard to catch. + Funerals MC (Bamaka only)
15 Bak, play him with Dacke and the two can be really hard to catch and kill. + Below the belt blow TC
10 Dacke, see above.
10 Folayan, multipurpose shooter.

(Green = Tracker, Orange = Conveyor, Black = Guardian)
30 Heinrich (old*), good leader and fighter, great abilities. + Long-life serum TC
30 Otto, great fighter.
25 Friedrich, good fighter.
25 Erhard, good fighter, healer.
25 Luther, great leader with great abilities.
25 Mark, great shooter.
20 Angela, good leader, gets angry when allies die.
20 Heinrich (young*), good fighter.
20 Frantz, good shooter.
15 Georg, good fighter.
15 Jeremias, good shooter.
10 Leo, cannot do missions, but good harrier.
10 Gretchen + 5 Louie, (cannot play Louie without Gretchen), good support for minions.
* you can only play one version of Heinrich in a given team (blister contains everything)


30 Ashton, great fighter
25 Courteney, multipurpose shooter
25 Chelsea, good fighter
20 great leader, good support
15 Freedom°, great move potential, good abilities
10 Jimmy, Pilot (compulsory to play Robot°), good support for Robot, weak

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