Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eden - Grey Daimyo

Here is my slightly converted Grey Daimyo. I have just started to base coat although I have not completely planned the color scheme. I did a simple hand swap and put the spear in an upright position. He come with Plasteel armor: Full + 2.

Also here is a standard Blue Kami, he is a lot smaller cf Grey Daimyo but has a very respectable Heavy Plasteel Armor: Full +3

The ISC tend to have very high PSI as the following card shows. The head is PSI, Arm is CBT or fighting skill, torso is VIG Vigor and Legs are SPD speed. The grey dots represent how many wounds the limb can take, so Grey Daimyo can take 3 wounds to his Arm and then he is incapacitated and removed from the game. The stigma symbol on the bottom right is an alternative way to construct an army . You can either choose to use all ISC models or choose from models with the Protection symbol. Other symbols are Destruction, Order, Change and Chaos. A cool idea to mix up the game. On the other side of the card are the models abilities etc. Cards can be downloaded (and rules) from Tabans web site under the eden option and then choose downloads.


Vladdd309 said...

Nice start there. Looking forward to your progress.

I've a Grey Daimyo built on the desk, but am a bit daunted in starting it!

Henry's Tat said...

Great stuff! a bit off topic but is EDEN any good? i love the clown stuff and won a samuri at a raffle but never took the game further.

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