Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eden - Starting to get noticed

I have been getting more and more frustrated that there is very little Eden background published in English. Hopefully we (that is the English speaking population) are part of the marketing strategy of Tabans Eden game. I hope so!

I saw this today in a German "Tabletop Insider" magazine, its a 6 page campaign that looks very cool. This is just the low res image, other wise I would have attempted to translate to English.

The translated intro,

Eden: The Bayakoyé of Drotystin
Campaign. New Action after the apocalypse. At six pages, we present the German translation of the latest campaign by Taban Miniatures. Players who want to create a very devious and very malignant counterparts are in the right place. The hell of Drotystin will require them all and no one will return unscathed. If anyone ever returns ...

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