Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gencon order arrived

I have been checking every night for Wyrds Gencon order. It arrived last night and I'm one very happy little hobbyist. Very well packaged and no damage. I was surprised to see the amount of 'material' used to make LCB, but he is a very big model, especially for a 50mm base! Having assembled models from all of the leading brands (GW, Rackham, PP, Darkson,...) I could see some serious pinning coming up. I must admit I like the dreamer most of all.  Next step is to work out a basing scheme and get him made up. While I am doing this I tend to think about the painting scheme. Almost thinking purple/pink/white as it reminds me of Slaanesh (See my 40K army link in sidebar)

Bases I have pre-made are Timber, Forest and dirt. Thinking of timber as the brown contrast with pink,purple would look good.

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