Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ramos vs Lady J

30 SS scrap on 6 inch standard deployment. I got destroy the evidence and my opponent got claim jump. We played with no schemes (sometime we like just playing the strategies). We had plenty of terrain and plenty of time.

My list was

Brass Arachnid      2
Steamborg Executioner    10 
Steampunk Arachnid swarm    9
Sabertooth Cerberus    8
SS Cache was 2+1

Opponents was

Lady J
Executioner    8
2 Death Marshals  7  
Guild Austringer    5
Nino Ortega    7
SS Cache was 4+3

First turn the Sabertooth leaped and then charged one of the Death Marshal's, but not enough damage to kill. Nino fired into combat and hit Sabertooth (twice) , lucky. Ramos summoned a Steampunk Arachnid. Lady J moved up. Second turn Ramos had no luck with cards and couldn't summon anything. He is very dependent on card suits for his spells. Sabertooth cause some damage, but couldn't finish of the DM. Nino fired into combat , killed the DM but with his slow to die action he killed the sabertooth. The Arcanist we making hard going of it (and the cards didn't help ;-) . Lady J then moved into combat with the Steampunk Arachnid swarm and as she does managed to kill the Steampunk Arachnid swarm. I got a bit close and had no backup. The Steamborg executioner should have been in a better position.

Turn three was no better for the arcanist, with poor cards meaning no summoning again. In fact Ramos got charged by Lady J and a double check of her abilities (otherwise Ramos was dead) meant he was on 5 wounds. Steamborg charged Lady J but due to her massive SS cache, she defended and delt some damage of her own. I forgot about this and payed the price. A stoke from the Brass Arachnid would have help reactivate either Ramos of the Steamborg but cards we not flipping my way.

Lady J then killed Ramos and the Steamborg (The Red Joker was played for damage) and ...

Game result LJ 4 VP, Ramos 1 VP.

Lesson: I needed to stay focused on the objectives, I essentially change my plan and it didn't work. If had got the objectives I will have got a draw. Ramos is very dependent on card suits to summon and you just cant rely on it as a viable tactic. The arachnids are very good, but maybe be better to move separately and then join. I'm still learning but Lady J is a CC monster, I didnt have any shooting so really my list was about the worst you could have taken. Oh well, still a fun game and plenty of 'laughs' when the red joker get played.

List changes , one less Steampunk with aim to summon 1 and create a swarm. December and Johan for some shooting ability and Johan to protect Ramos.
Brass Arachnid      2
Steamborg Executioner    10 
2 Steampunks Arachnid    6
December Acolyte 6
Johan 6
SS Cache was 2

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