Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hollow Marsh Gala- update 1

If you don't yet have access to the "Rising Powers" expansion here is a summary of the way encounters work in Version 2 and what we will be doing at the mini tournament. Remember you can always email me if you have a question.

During the pre-Encounter stage the following things happen in the following order.
  • introduce themselves and chosen Faction
  • Both players then shuffle their Decks and flip for Deployment Zones. High card chooses their standard Deployment Zone first. Ignore this step if the TO has assigned Deployment Zones while assigning pairings
  • Both players then flip to determine their Strategies
  • Both players then reveal their 30 SS Crews
  • Both players hand their opponent their stat cards for list review
  • Both players then select their Schemes using book2 rules
  • Both players announce any Schemes they choose to announce
Strategies & Schemes
Strategies are worth a variety of VP depending on how well you complete the task.  Strategies represent an attainable goal that once accomplished, cannot be undone. All Strategies are public knowledge, and each player will flip separately for their Strategy before announcing their Crew for the Encounter. If both players flip the same Strategy, use the Shared version of that Strategy instead. When determining Strategies, consult the following table:

Flip for Strategy

Schemes are secondary objectives that you attempt to achieve during an Encounter.  The VP value for completing a Scheme will depend on the specific Scheme and whether or not you announced the Scheme to your opponent at the beginning of the Encounter.

Once the Round Begins
  • Flip to determine who deploys first
  • Deploy crews
  • Start playing and have fun!
Once the players are ready to set up and have determined who is going first
After Crews are deployed, begin the Encounter as you would any other Encounter of Malifaux: shuffle up your Decks, and then follow the Turn Sequence!

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