Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hollow Marsh Gala update 2


can you please email me at if you have entered. This makes it easier to update you  etc.

We have the minimum of 6 that we need to run the mini tourney so its all go. If you are keen to enter please let James at Aargon Hobbies know.

A query was made about proxies, so here is the ruling

Player Responsibility
Players are responsible for bringing their own:
  • Crew models
  • Rulebooks and stat cards
  • Fate Deck
  • Measuring tape
  • Counters/markers/tokens
Proxies, Conversions, and Painting
Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances, nor can a player enter a tournament with a model that has not been released to the general public. 
Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. We support conversions in tournament play as long as it is clear to your opponent which models are which. Converted models must be based upon miniatures produced by Wyrd Encounters.
Although models do not need to be fully painted in this tournament, Encounters between painted Crews are more entertaining to watch and participate in. We encourage players to take advantage of this engaging part of the hobby and showcase not only their Encounter skills but painting talents as well. Models are, at the very least, must be fully assembled and mounted on a base of the appropriate size and be base coated. 

I think its hard enough without trying to work out what model is normally without proxies etc. Please note that the models MUST be based on the correct base and I would prefer a minimum of a base coat applied.


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