Monday, November 8, 2010

Lilitu & Lelu

Lilitu & Lelu have just been released and I hadn't given the rules a good read until today. I can see them fitting into a Nephilim list as almost compulsory choices. I'll explain why in a moment but I do like the models from a painting point of view.

My game thoughts are

  • Black blood -  is a very subtle ability and if you keep a few models with black blood together it can make a difference.
  • Bond - simultaneous activation is always good.
  • Flight and Float - will allow direct movement and fits with Lilith and her brood. 
  • Twisted thoughts and Thought twisted - One wounds a target and the other heals combined with Same Malignant Force allows those terror tots some survivability.
  • Drink Blood - heals Lelu and Lilitu using Same Malignant Force. Very good.
  • Claws - are paired and poison 2.
  • Barbed whip - has a 4" melee range.
  • Impure Thoughts - If this work, Paralyzed is a real problem, as it last until the end of the models next activation.
  • Lure - Brings a slightly hidden model closer.
One possible 30SS list would be

Primordial Magic totem 2
Lelu 7
Lilitu 7
Terror Tots x 2 6
Young Nephilim 6
2 left over to boost SS cache to 6

Try and get the Terror tots to grow to Young Nephilim. Might even get a mature but not important. You could companion Lelu and then get to play three models in a row, Lilith, Lelu and lilitu.

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