Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marcus Vs Ophelia Laxroix

We played a 30 SS "get the stuff" shared strategy. I had the Arcanist and my opponent had the Gremlins.

Marcus had a crew of 2 snakes, Sabertooth and a waidgeist. The gremlins had Ophelia Laxroix and her brothers, lots of other gremlins and Pere Ravage. The henchman rules allow a henchman to lead a crew and you get the reserve back as SS, in this case it was 6. Normal 6 inch deployment with plenty of terrain (insert picture,....., no battery life on camera....., bugger, just paste a picture of marcus)

To cut a long story short the best bit of the game was when Marcus cast Alpha on Pere and then moved him to within 6" of about 6 gremlin. KaBlooey was cast and if it was not for an exception hand of cards (13,12,12,11) my opponent would have loss them all. This was not enough to mask a poor selection as I would have been better to drop a snake and take Myranda or maybe a convict gunsman a Jackalope (that I don't have).

Ended up a 2 VP draw as I didn't get a chance to complete my schemes and my opponent misread the rules for "Stake a claim" and tried to claim a terrain piece on his side of the board. Overall a very enjoyable game but not enough turns were completed.

Plans for Marcus, a Hoarcat pride or 2 would be good, definitely his totem or the essence of power and maybe some of the new beast in the "Rising powers" expansion.

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