Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leviticus vs Kirai Ankoku

I had a 30SS scrap using Levi.  I choose to use the outcast but because I had prior knowledge that I would be playing Kirai, I decided not to use my 'magic weapon' list. As you know , magical strike do full damage vs spirits.

My crew was Rusty Alyce(8) , Killjoy(11) and a Hooded rider(8) with 3SS cache. My opponents list was Kirai, Love lost totem (2), Datsue-Ba(7), Jack Daw(9), Onryo(5) and 3 Seishin(3*2).

We played a shared 'plant the evidence' , 3 peices of terrain on each side, and the announce scheme were Killjoy was Frame for murder and Levi Souless life vs Kirai betrayed by spirits and bodyguard.

Using a 6" deployment we started turn 1. Significant plays were as follows.
Turn 1:
I sacrifice levi straight off after moving twice, and ran the hooded rider towards a terrain piece ready to plant some evidence turn 2. My opponent  did some spirit trickery and pushed a summoned Ikiryo into melee range of the Hooded rider. Combat ensued but hooded rider only took a few wounds. Jack Daw moved up on the right flank.
Turn 2.
 Levi got the worst hand (highest card 4!) and decided to try a few simple spells. Jack Daw was in range so Levi let go a Entropic Transformation on Jack Daw. I summoned a hollow waif as a result of this, but the first rules blunder of the game occurred (I'm have only just worked this out!). Jaw Daw can only negate a killed result and the spell states sacrifice. I wonder if this has been FAQed? Oh well, these thing happen during a game. Next I tried to cast a necrotic Unmaking on Jack Daw and this worked. Second rules blunder! Jack Daw was not killed , his controller played a card, but I thought (due to my opponents interpretation) that he was killed and then returned, which is incorrect. I summoned a SPA and mentioned to my opponent that I will just keep doing this etc. The Ikiryo was charged and killed by Killjoy but the Hooded rider was charged by a Onryo. Closing stage Levi died and came back, and the SPA caused a wound on Jack Daw and was killed as his controller had no cards left.
Turn 3.
 Hooded rider disengaged from the combat and Levi turned some Seishin into SPA's. I only needed 1 more to get a Desolation engine. Killjoy was taken out by a summon Ikiryo and Onryo. Kirai was on struggling to gain any ground and I was up on VP's. Levi ability to turn the Seishin into SPA's was turnig out to be a big factor in the game and my opponent was struggling with this.
Turn 4.
We had to finish in about 15 mins so moved 2 SPA's into the Ikiryo and tried to do something with Ayce. The SPA's were turned into scrap and the game was finished.

Overall Outcasts got 2 Vps and Ressie got 2 (bodyguard scheme) so it was a draw. I would have got 2 more VPS if I could have had my next turn and my opponent would have got 0 so it was a shame it was a draw as Levi was in control for the entire game. Levi spells really took the stuffing out of Jack Daw and I am sure that this has (will) be FAQed  (See

One last thing, spirits do not block LOS (in new FAQ that only the Henchmen got to see) but as it was not official I did not enforce this rule. It makes a big difference if you can target a model directly behind another. Bring on the new rule book 2011.

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