Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Terrain blitz

Well, due to the purchase of the new Freikorps box set, I have decided to embark on a 'Terrain Blitz'. The narrative about the Freikorps was the inspiration, the sink hole and the buried buildings will make a great terrain table.


I've ordered a "small brick Mold"(see mold 250) from Hirst Arts and intend to use this to make lots of walls, ruined houses etc.

I have also got so Silicon ordered from TopMark (see ) so that when I make a section I like I can make a mold and reproduce it many times etc. The plan is to have the entire board covered with ruins. I think I will plaster up some of the small bricks to make it look like a plastered building  that has been ruined exposing the brick work.

I enjoy making terrain and buying a new faction is a good form of inspiration, ie using new crew on a new board.

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