Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Terrain blitz-part 6

The trick to painting plaster block is to use a undercoat/sealer of indian ink diluted with water. You can get different colors but I prefer just to use black. It soaks into the plaster and mdf creating a good undercoat. It is (most importantly) also very easy to cover every piece, easier than using paint. I know you can tint the plaster before but you still have to undercoat it any way so I prefer this method. The only thing it doesn't appear to color is the glue, but as this should be use sparingly anyway its not normally an issue.

Here are the base coated pieces, shot under lights. The mold dry brushes up well and all I need to do is add some detail pieces (boxes, crates etc) and they are done! I think they look good considering they came from 2 basic pieces arranged in different ways.

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