Sunday, January 30, 2011

KoB increases ranks

The KoB has been boosted by a Battle group starter box that I got at OMTS today. Very cool.

This gives me more flexibility in my army choices and allows me to field the bombers and some tiny fighters. I also picked up some rules and cards so it full steam ahead with Dystopean Wars. I always thought it would be good to just have battleships and a carrier or just use all crusiers or even just frigates! Not sure how they play yet but just some initial thoughts.

I had a look a game today between the Prussian Empire and the Blazing Suns. I had to laugh when a 12 was rolled on the Critical Hit table and one of the Blazing suns frigates went into the ether due to a Sturginium Flare. Very nice. I forgot my camera , probably because I was also having a Malifaux Scrap and had to quickly pack my Ramos crew, more about that later.  I also got some more ideas for my terrain but I might struggle with the getting the scale correct. Oh well, I wont know until I try something and have a look.

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