Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ramos vs Perdita

Well, I don't usually have a game at the local club OMTS (See links) but I was going up to check out some Dystopean Wars. We set up the table but there was not enough LOS blocking terrain, even though I suspected my regular opponent had some strategy that he had been planning. We played 30 SS and the shared encounter (we tend to play these most of the time) was "line in the sand" with me attacking. Bugger. Ramos and he crew was going to get shot up. I had Ramos, Mobile tool kit, Joss, Johan, Arachnid swarm and an Arachnid. Seems like a OK sort of list, but my opponent had Perdita, Nino, Guild Astringer,The Judge, 2 Stalkers and the Govs proxy. Oh Thats whats going on, Obey on Nino from Perdita and the totem. That means maximum of 4 range 16 shots with hunter, I was effectively playing on a board with no cover when Nino was shooting. Good One.

To sum up, I was shot up good. Shot up really good. I think I might have got 2 tokens but all my opponent had to do was shot me up on the way in. Nino was the star and dominated the match. I tried to fry him with some electrical creations and I sent a Arachnid swarm in , hoping to heal myself on the way in. But it was too much , with very average cards as well.

Ramos mobile toolkit helps a lot, only needing to have a average card instead of 8+ Tombes  to summon a few spiders. It really helps Ramos and I will definitely be using it with him again soon. I needed something to take out the shooters, Josh and Johnan went around the flank, but that didn't work. I might have been better to walk Ramos forward sending some arachnids into Nino to try and get them to explode, and use electrical fire etc. I also need to get some more spiders so I can split up one of my swarms into smaller and harder to hit targets.

Next time !

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