Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uncharted Seas

Uncharted Seas by Spartan Games has recently been on my gaming radar. I like the models a lot, the naval theme and I especially like the  Ralgard. The Oriental inspire models have a certain mystic associated to them and I noticed today that there is a new release coming. I have inserted a link to an image on Spartans web site.

The Ralgard Raknarl Heavy Cruiser
The Raknarl Class Heavy Cruiser is a well rounded design that can fight at range, carry out Boarding Assaults, and weather enemy assaults with equal ease. Armed with a vicious ram, it is capable of gutting and plundering most enemy ships it comes across.
SPECIAL MAR RULE: Armoured Forecastle

I think I might have to get some and have a look. I also have been thinking that I might make some sales using different material to make them look more realistic but I will have to experiment and see. Its not really a "steampunk" theme but some of the other races have more of a "steampunk" feel to them.

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