Monday, February 28, 2011

Straits of Kaipora - Batrep

I thought I'd better test my scenario to see if if works. See dystopian-wars-scenario . Extra conditions for todays game are , No Fog of War (we are still learning rules) and No tiny fighters(still learning rules). My preference is just to use the naval models anyway, but they may change.

Prussians had 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, 4 frigates and 2 bombers for 575.
KoB had 2 Battleships and 3 squadrons of 3 frigates for 585.

Straights marked by blue counters and middle straight marked by pink counters. Deployment marked by green and black D6's.


Deployment Prussians

Deployment KOB

Turn 1

Plenty of movement, Kob frigates had a shot at RB3 linked vs PR cruisers with torps and gun and nothing. PR bombers moved and had a shot at KoB frigates and nothing. Fully turreted KoB Bs had a linked shot at the PR cruisers, got a critical and can only move in straight line. PR Bs moves and hits KoB frigates but no damage. Shielded KoB BS moves up.

Turn 2

KoB won initiative. Moved up frigates to secure bonus for claiming straits. PR Cruiser move up with middle one having to move straight ahead. Fire an obscured tesla RB1 shot at KoB frigates and roll well to get a critical hit, The broadside and turrets finished off the last 2. Wow, that was impressive. Frigates are very fragile. KoB Bs retaliates against PR cruiser. At this rate there wont be any models left.... The main turrets lined up the PR cruisers and caused 2 HP on each. Broadside did nothing. PR commander decides to concentrate on the objectives. PR frigates turn around to cover the closest straight. KoB commander a bit more aggressive, he sees the PR cruiser are in trouble and want to finish them off. KoB Bs fires turrets linked and got 7 hits (Lucky) and CR's a PR Cruiser. The Aft turrets do nothing. PR Bs moves around to get all turrets to bear on KoB frigates. Kills 2 and leaves one to do a bravery test(Checks rules re this). KoB moves up BS to try and have a shot at the PR Bs.RB4 so thats good,  Hits recorded but not enough to cause a Dr. PR Bomber fly high, aim is to take out KoB frigates, which move away behind KoB BS.

Turn 3.

KoB won initiative again! The last frigate did a break test (need to check if I should have done before). Within 8" of commander on shielded Bs. Got 2 hits so frigate ok. It moves off towards bay to try as stay alive. Has some turret shots but no good. PR cruiser move one has to go straight ahead and other moves behind, to have a shot at the last frigate in the bay. Got 8 hits on the KoB frigate - Kapow. The other cruiser shoots at the KoB Bs. No hits but they manage to repair the steering. KoB Bs moves to get aligned on PR cruisers. This wont be pretty for the Prussians. 10d6 from 2 linked turrets on the wounded Pr Cruiser yielded only 3 hits. Next 2 turrets got 1 wound. 4 torpedos hits not cancelled by any PR cc caused another wound - Kablooey. Broadside got a wound on last Pr Cruiser. Only 1 wound left. The Pr Bombers moved up and had some shots at the KoB frigates which were not shielded by the Bs anymore. The bombers sunk a frigate. The shielded KoB Bs moved quietly into position to finish off the last cruiser. 8 hits from the torps not cced sunk the cruiser. The Bs still had some turrets to shoot at the Pr Bs and took a wound on the Pr Bs. The Pr Bs moves a bit and lets rip on the KoB Bs. Turrets do 1 hit on the KoB Bs. Frigates from both sides just move as shown.

Turn 4.
KoB win initiative again!! KoB Bs move 2" and then signal a All Stop. It fires at the obscured Pr Bs hoping to hit with turrets. No luck, but the Bs has one objective at the moment. Pr Bombers move forward and strafe the frigates ( I need to check LoS rules) and sunk both of them. KoB Bs torpedoes the Pr but its CC stops all of them - the weakness of torps. The 2 front turrets let rip causing a wound. The rear turrets cant shot at plane as they are in RB1 (check after game please). Pr Bs moves into centre strait and targets shielded Kob BS with rear turret and causes 1 hit. Kob shields didn't work. Front turrets on PR Bs shoot the other KoB Bs getting 4 hits, bad shooting boys. 

Turn 5.
No point rolling initiative as KoB will win it!!! The 2 front turrets opened fire on the Pr BS. Amazing shooting causing a CR and raging fire. The Pr Bombers cause a hit on the KoB Bs. The KoB Bs moves so it can get all its turrets into RB1. Wow a Cr for 2 linked turrets and then another. RB1 is awesome. 
Pr Bs blows. This is effectively end of the game. Kob has 2 objectives to one.

Good fun playing a scenario with some objectives, not just about shooting.

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