Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black Hawk Down - FSA vs Prussian

We thought we would try a scenario I converted from 40k. The idea is to get the hawk that has gone down, and secure the area. See Black hawk down.

FSA had

I had

Bombers and sky fortress are all deployed flying obscured.

Turn 1: Due to the sea fog , LoS was restricted to RB2. Its a good chance for some subtle repositioning of units after deployment. I decided to split into 2 sides and also put the BS in the middle but heading towards the RHS. We were using tiny fighters , FSA has 10 and I had 10 + 6.

Turn 2: I steamed full ahead towards the middle, trying to set myself up for claiming the Hawk. FSA moved minimum possible without stopping and took out a Prussian bomber (rolled 12 on critical after some exceptional rolling against an obscured flyer). I kept moving in.

Yes, this has not been edited , "good" camera but dodgy memory card. Might be time to get a card.

Turn 3: FSA rolled for the Hawk, and a 1 wasn't enough. Needed 3+ to make the hawk appear. I won initiative and decided to do a bombing run against the FSA cruisers, taking one out. I lost a bomber to ack ack fire. I also took a hit on the sky fortress.  FSA took a hit on its bomber and 1/2 movement as well. I also took some hits on my Cruisers. I dived bombed the FSA battleship and managed to inflict 1 HP. 

We ran out of time... (played for 2 & 1/2 hours ) due to playing 750 points and not knowing Tiny Fighter rules. I rolled to see where the hawk would come down and it landed right next to my models. See white cutout of a "Hawk" in following picture. All I had to do was board and secure the black box. FSA were still gaining speed, maybe they need some more coal but were nowhere to be seen. 

There some some debate about how to claim the "hawk" black box, and I will make some adjustment to the scenario rules. FSA commander suggested some sort of escalating engagement but I think you just need to secure the area by putting some AP on board and then creating some sort of blockade or even maybe "towing" the hawk to safety. 

Oh well, better luck next time. I am still unconvinced that the tiny fighters rules actually make the game more fun and that they just add extra time and effort. The last game we had without the tiny fighters was a lot more fun. I will keep 'trying' to use the tiny fighters but the using dice to record hits etc is just a pain. 

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