Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hamelin the Plagued vs Kirai

Thought it was time to have a game of Malifaux. Board setup, crews ready lets go.

My crew was Hamelin the Plagued with Totem, Nix, Rat Catcher, A stolen and three rats and 5 SS. I also had 2 stolen and 3 more rats to summon.

Opponent had Kirai with totem, 5 Seishin, Datsue-Ba and Jack Daw and 4 SS. (I think even though this does not add up)

Table was with standard 6" deployment. Shared Strategy was Reconnoiter. 30SS.

Deployment for both crews

Turn 1: Kirai won the initiative and moved up a her spirits.  I moved up my rats and git ready for turn 2. I forgot how quick the ressies are especially using the spell "in the spirit world". I might have got too close but hoped my stolen and rats would provide some sort of deterrent. Summoning a stolen each turn is a must for Hamelin in the first few turns. My rats swarm was moving quickly as well.

Turn 2: Kirai won initiative again. Kirai summoned a Ikiryo right beside my rat catcher using dont blink and I knew it was going to hamper my turn 2 movement. Also a Onryo moved up in front on small building. My rats moved up using rat swarm and wounded the Onryo and gave it a blight counter. I didnt realise how important this was until later in the game. I made the Ikiryo insignificant using a Hamelin and she was sacrificed to heal Kirai in the same turn. Nix moved up around the side of the building past Jack Daw and he was wounded by the Onryo. I forgot his spirit ability so just took 2 wounds instead of one! End of turn 2 and I'm getting the hang of using the rats.

Turn 3: Kirai wins initiative again. The hanged cast the "severed spell" which made all models within 6" unable to cheat fate. The Datsue-ba was made insignificant  but switched placed with the Onryo and wounds Nix. Nix heals as duels are failing around him. The rat catcher is charged by a Onryo and he fails the morale and flees toward the closet edge. He rallies but cannot do anything until next turn. The stolen are trying to make Jack Daw insignificant my opponent has 4 control cards left, so they cast "bleeding disease" on the blighted Onryo and cause some wounds. 

Turn 4: I win initiative and its the last turn due to time constraints. I moved some rats to help Nix heal from a failed duel. Jack Daw flipped a Black Joker and I should have controlled Jack Daw for an activation, but I was unaware of the rule and my opponent didnt seem to be either. He could have caused some damage somewhere else. The Stolen are sacficed and 2 rats are summoned. Jack Daw is paralyzed via abandon. Nix attacked by Datsue-Ba but he holds and only take 2 wounds. ! Karia summons a Gaki and an Ikiryo to try and get some table quarters. Hamelin moves 10"" summons a Stolen into a quarter and then the stolen cast "bleeding disease" and killed a Onryo who had 2 blight counters thanks to the rats.

Final tally, I had 3 quarters =  2 VP,  My opponent thought he had 1 vp for a scheme, Eye for an Eye but insignificant models (The Seishin)  did not count, I had about 5 more models. Jack daw could have tied the game but did not kill any models and I did not kill it so I got no VP's. My scheme was assassinate which was always going to be tricky.

We both had a new rules manual which make the rules queries a breeze to resolve :-) 

Things to check and remember for next time:
"The Void" - does this include controlled cards discarded , are these considered to have been played to the discard pile? I picked up some great cards, the 13 of Mask using the void, essentially using it twice.

Nix - he is a spirit, makes him even harder to kill. The sweet taste of failure just kept healing him. I forgot to "gorge on pain"

Rat Catcher- Voracious Rats,  Forgot to do when RC was killed.

The Stolen - I thought they were rare 3 (?) so I could have summoned some more.

Malifaux Rats -  The undoubted stars of the show! The yellow teeth means even 1 wound can cause rabies and adds a blight counter. I only had 6 and I could do with 12...

Making models insignificant is awesome, not just for targeting but for denying schemes. I will do more of this next time.

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