Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hamelin the Plagued

Hamelin has finally become a master in his own right. I always liked using Hamelin in my Outcast crews and with the release of the Hamelin box set, I just had to get him. My box set arrived with two Hamelins and no stolen (they had been "stolen") but Wyrd sent me the correct models within a week. I also got some rat catchers, some extra rats and a Obedient Wretch (totem). I quickly based them using green stuff and my plan was to have an outdoors theme. I used a very limited pallet as I wanted a very "wretched" look and feel. I will finish bases with some flock and gloss varnish on the pools of purple water.

I see various strengths and weakness with a Hamlin the Plagued crew.

Strengths: Model count -  I can probably always win the activation count due to having a swarm of rats, I will have after summoning some rats. Lots of rats -  who can all dish out a small amount of damage can quickly overcome a larger model, I have 6 but I can see needing double that number.  Blight counters - add 1 to any wound. Voracious rats ability - used to summon a rat and no counters of any kind. Good vs crews that need body parts etc as they wont get them. Both Hamelin and the Rat Catcher have this ability. Ruffian - can not be targeted by ht 1, Harmless, Pitiful and insignificant models.

Weakness: Models will die very quickly. The void - Hamlin draws no control cards after second round so planning based on cards is impossible. Insignificant - if Hamelin and Nix die then game over as all of your models are insignificant so cannot claim objectives. Soulstone cache - Hamelin gets zero, like all outcast masters, your need to keep some for emergencies. Limited models to choose from, only soulless, height 1 and insignificant models. Maybe Baby Kade or Candy would be worthwhile? or perhaps some spiders?

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