Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taban - Eden models

I really like the Eden range from Taban. 32mm scale and lot of detail have made these models a joy to paint and I am only half done. I have base coated and washed and need to detail and finish. Mounted on Micro Arts Old Factory bases. The latest release of Mark and Georg are sharper and I like the poses. Very dynamic and dare I say it, lots of flare.

I won't name each model, check out Tabans web site to see the models, painted a million times better than mine but hey, I try hard. Hoping to have a game this weekend so will update my thoughts on the rules and gameplay after that.


This guy is massive mutant, mounted on a 40mm base only just!


Freddy with  his "NZ" t shirt!

Infestation times two !

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