Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eden - Test game

I setup a small game of Taban to test the rules.

Convoy had Mark(25) and Henrich(20) VS Bamaka with Ngobo Quick arm(25) and Abama large belly (20).

Convoy had a secret mission "The big fight" and Bamaka had "Retreat to the contaminated zone". I choose some tactic cards at random and the bamaka played contaminated area and placed a card size area which would cause damage etc. Mark also has the rule "wolf trap" and played 3 wolf trap markers onto the battlefield. This is a cool rule as I noticed the wolf trap that came with the model but had not read the card. I might mold up 2 more traps and put them on 30mm bases .

The deployment was 20 cm from centre line.

The rules have some innovative mechanics that I really like. The pool of strategy points (SP) can be used to bid for first turn, play a tactics cards and power abilities. The interruption of a player activation using a faster character is another but remembering that you only have 3 Action Points to use per turn makes this an interesting decision. The wounds and how the stats decrease is a good idea and the ability to reposte provides lots of interaction between players that is unique to skirmish type games.

The first combat was interesting. Heinrich moved forward and was engaged by Ngobo. The next turn Heinrich won initiative but was interrupted by Ngobo (speed of 6 vs 4) and was attacked and poisoned. A poison marker reduces all stats by 1. Ngobo attacked again, and Heinrich tried to dodge and dodged one attack. Last attack caused a wound but Heinrich had used his 3 AP dodging so effectively his turn was over. 

Mark interrupted Abama and shot him twice then retreated 10cm away to stop Abama charging. Abama scaly skin stopped some of the damage and his Regenerative humor healed one of the wounds.

I think the bamaka were going to play a tactics card "adrenalin" which would have given Abama 4 ap, hopefully enough to get close to Mark and attack him.

I stopped then but got enough from the test to think that this is going to be a fun game. Small model count and lots of tactics makes for a good game I think, Good work Taban.

I did forget to play the Lycals and having two fierce beasts roaming around will certainly add to the game as well.

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