Monday, August 1, 2011

Snow Storm

Apparently the small model is storm and the large model is snow?

Very nice resin model and it definitely the way for wyrd to go, so it was disappointing to see that the Gencon Teddy is metal! Whats that about, its a backward step I think. Rant over... Snowstorm is very cool and I cant wait to paint it.

Apology for night shot but you get the idea. Mounted on Back2Basix resin base. I wanted Snow to be higher so mounted on a tree trunk, which is hidden by storms arms. I hope I have that the right way around, snow storm or storm snow?

Note: The number of wounds changed from 6 (in book) to 8 on card. Also ice tornado has become a ranged spell (gun icon added) which makes it harder to hit. I think this is to power down the potential to Overpower this spell , wash and repeat.

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