Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eden - First game batrep

We had a game of Eden today and it was lots of fun. We played 100 points of Convoy vs Bamaka with model count of 5 vs 4.

Convoy was Otto, Heinrich, Mark, Leo and Jeremias vs Bamaka of Ngwane, Ngobo, Abama and Sigwana.

Apparently its played on a 2x2 foot board but I used my Malifaux 3x3 foot even though we didn't go right out to the edges so more like a 2.5x2.5 foot board. Missions were "the pure springs" and "Land protection". You can see the pure spring counter in the centre of the board.

Deployment was as shown, with the 2 Non Players Fighters (NPFs) right in the middle of the convoy line. Heinrich was on the left with Leo and Otto,Mark and Jer was on the right.

The Bamakas look light on the ground but Ngobo is deployed during first intendancy phase. 

Turn one: 
The Bamaka player declared a piece of land to be contaminated (the green card) and Mark placed his wolf traps (back counters) to try and stop the Bamakas advance. One went off and wounded Sigwana and slowed him down.

The convoy moved forward the convoys objective , which was to protect the centre of the table (15cm radius around centre) and Bamakas was to capture the pure spring. I (convoy) was waiting Ngobo to appear and he did, he charged Heinrich and wounded him. Heinrich parried and wounded Ngobo in return.
Leo was charged by the Lycal (NPF). I used dice to organise my AP and my opponent used counters on the cards. I think I prefer actually seeing how many AP each model has left, but hey this was our first game.

Turn 2: Leo disengaged from the Lycal and then attacked Ngobo and wounded him. Heinrich then finished him off. Brutal, especially with no protection, the Bamaka fell to the convoys blade. Leo high speed was excellent and Heinrich injected himself with some serum that upped his combat and vigor. This tactical move would prove to be very effective and I was lucky as I randomly selected my cards.

Turn 3: Sigwana was then taken down by Leo and Heinrich was wounded by the massive mutant Ngwane as he charged into the fray and with his amazing combat skill killed both Heinrich then Leo. Wow, he was impressive.Otto and Obama had a fight and the chainsaw did the business and killed Obama.

Turn 4: All otto had to do was to kill the Mutant Ngwane but Mark and Jer had some ideas of there own.
Mark shot the Mutant Ngwane and luckily hit him in the legs (no protection), Could he do it again?

The Lycal charged the mutant Ngwane but didn't wound him, Mark interrupted the mutant Ngwanes activation and decided to shoot into combat . 3 wounds meant he hit the mutant and very lucky to hit his legs! 

Down Ngwane went in a heap. Ngwane was the bamaka leader and the game was over.

A victory to the convoy who got 75VP for control of the protected land (3 turns @ 25 each)

Awesome game with some really good rules and some seriously cool tactical choices to be made. I can't wait to play again. 

Good work Taban this is a great game.

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