Saturday, November 19, 2011

eden - The Jokers first game

I played the ISC today and my 100 AP list was Vladd , Ievgeni, Grigoriy and Vassiliev. The ISC had Grey Daimyo, Black Kunoichi and Carmin Ronin. The mission were both revealed and I had "the Stuff" (I had brought some objective markers from Taban) and ISC had "Artifacts".

Deployment was as follows , I was went pretty much straight across trying to cover as many stuff as I could.

The ISC did the same and then on turn one moved into 'grab' the artifacts and run off with them.

I got some stuff and tried to follow, if that the right word, hoping for some sort of miracle, as it appeared it would be a crushing victory to the ISC. 

Grigoriy managed to prowl a rabbit bomb but no luck (yet ;-). 

Turn 2 shows Vladd trying to get his flamer onto the Daimyo but it retreated back to a safe distance.

On the other side the Carmin ronin faced off with Ievgeni and Vassiliev. His speed was just what was needed to get lots of stuff.

The game came down to a very unlucky row (or lucky for me) when the Black Kunoichi just had to row one, yes one 4+ from 5 dice. No banana. How lucky was that especially when next turn Vladd reposted and rolled 6 dice to get 4 wounds and kill the Kunoichi. Victory was almost certain for the Jokers and Vladd withstood one last attack to take out the Ronin on turn 5. 

and next moment 

All gone!

Another very good game of "Eden". Lots of fun and quirky models rolling impossible dice! 

The victory went to the Jokers , look at all that stuff.

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