Sunday, November 20, 2011

Malifaux - Time for a game

Well, I have not had a game of Malifaux for a while, but I had a game of Eden yesterday so time for a change. It gives me the opportunity to play my new resin model "Snowstorm" in a game.

Not sure on SS for game yet but because I haven't had a game in a while I'll keep it simple. I also has some new never born stuff but the rules are a bit tricky so Raspy gets the nod. I also have a Avatar made up but not painted.

Also its a chance to use more of a fantasy setting so I got out some Hirst Art terrain peices I made up a while ago. This should be fun as I have no idea who I'm playing.

The board

and crew

I might have to get some more Malifaux as it is a very good game and its good that its a different genre to Eden so I can justify playing and collecting both!

We played 30SS  and I took Tina and wendingo, Snowstorm, 2 gamin and a silent one plus a SS cache of 7. I ended up playing a Ressie list of Nico and grave spirit, 3 necropunks, 2 dogs, 2 punk zombies, Guy with spade and some crooked. wow thats a lot of models. We hadn't had a game for a while , I decided to keep it simple whilst my opponent just took his normal list.

To keep it short it, we didn't finish, only played 3 turns which was a shame as I would have delivered a message to nico and then taken to "loot" back to my deployment zone. It ended up being a 2 VP draw with Tina getting an announced eye for an eye and Nico getting hold out and frame for murder.

Good game but Malifaux is one of those games where you have to have read the cards, read the rules and be ready to move quickly. I only had a few models but once the Ressie player started summoning new models the game starts to slow down. It didn't help that I had a massive activation with Tina when she went  mental as casted 4 times in a row causing severe damage and killing about 5 models. The Snowstorm was very good but next time I would take some more gamin I think. I think next time we should just play 25 SS and not a summoning army to try and get the game finished.

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