Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mansions of Madness

I had a game of MoM last night and it was lots of fun. Only my second game and I am still having to check the rule book , but the game still proceeded at a good pace and was a close run affair. The investigators won but only just! I like the suspense and moving the minis around. I must get organized and paint some of them.

Some rule tips or mistakes I made.
You can leave a puzzle partially solved and then spend an action and try to solve next turn. Some of the investigators have low Intellect.
You have to unlock the door before exploring entering the room, not enter the room and then unlock? I know it seems obvious now.
Awareness check uses the top value on the monster card not the bottom one , which is horror. 
If your the Keeper, study the seeding of the rooms so you know what is going on, helps have a smooth game without delays looking up rules.
Always read the Flavor text as though you "mean it" , it enhances the whole game experience .

Also there is an expansion being released soon called "Forbidden Alchemy" and it provides lots more goodies and some reprinted cards. It has 4 new investigators, 4 new monsters, 6 new Map tiles and lots more including a new puzzle type, the 'Alchemy puzzle'. Looks very cool and the new side effect cards can do nasty things to you. A perfect xmas treat for the 'family'. 

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