Monday, December 19, 2011

Dark Age Apocalypse - Skarrd based and painting has started

The models were easy to assemble and I have fixed to the Power Plant Micro art bases. The models are very nice with defined details and dynamic poses. The war head is a monster and unlike the resin Outcast Mogol, its very heavy.

I will use a slightly different color scheme for the Skarrd compared to the Outcasts.The Outcast will be darker skin tones and mongol will have a yellow tone whilst the Skarrd will be lighter (probably inked with red and the Warhead will have brown skin tones. I have not got all the Buzzblades mounted as I am waiting on some more power pant 40mm bases. I initially thought they were mounted on 30mm so ordered those instead. They are a biggish model and would look silly on a 30mm base so I'm pleased I ordered the 40's from Maelstrom.

Scale wise, grafters and harpies on 30mm, buzzbaldes on 40's and Warehead on 50mm bases.

2 Buzzblades




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